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Used semi-trailers for sale

Are you looking for a used trailer? We have everything you need to make your transport process run as smoothly as possible. At Hesselink Trucks you can choose from more than 250 used trucks and trailers. From a sliding tarp trailer to a flatbed trailer. Don't waste any time – check out our offer today and hit the road tomorrow! Is your desired trailer not in our stock? No problem! Let us know and we will look for you!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you looking for a used semi-trailer? Hesselink Trucks has a wide and current range of used trailers. Our range includes trailers from well-known brands such as Schmitz Cargobull, Knapen, Kraker trailers, Krone and more. 

View our selection of used trailers in various body options including curtainsiders, tippers, flatbed trailers, refrigerated-freezer and Walking floor trailers and more. Whatever you're looking for, Hesselink Trucks offers a wide range of choices. Use our handy filters to select your preferences and find the semi-trailer that fits your transportation needs perfectly.


At Hesselink Trucks, we are proud to offer an extensive and diverse inventory of used trailers. Whether you're looking for a used walking floor trailer or a kipper semi-trailer, you've come to the right place. Our offer includes a wide range of high-quality used trailers from various renowned brands and with different body styles.

DIFferent brands of semi-trailers

Our selection of used trailers includes a wide range of top brands. From reputable brands such as Schmitz Cargobull, Knapen, Krone and Nooteboom, with us you will find quality from trusted manufacturers. We value the diversity of our range, so you can find the perfect trailer to suit your transportation needs.

DIFFERENT trailer options

Our used trailers varyëren in body options. So we have curtainsiders, tipper trailers, refrigerated trailers, container chassis trailers, flatbed trailers and much more. 

Walking Floor Semitrailers: Ideal for transporting bulk goods, waste, or variable-density materials. The moving floor allows for quick and controlled unloading of loads, and they are perfect for repeated loading and unloading.

Kipper Semitrailers: These trailers are designed for transporting materials that need to be unloaded quickly, such as sand, gravel or construction waste. The tilting cargo box ensures fast and efficient unloading.

Chill-Free Transport: For the safe and controlled transportation of perishable goods, we offer refrigerated-freezer transport solutions. These trailers are equipped with advanced refrigeration technology to preserve the quality of the cargo.

Sliding Tarpaulin Semitrailers: The sliding tarpaulin semi-trailers are versatile and suitable for different loads. They can be easily opened and closed, allowing quick access to cargo.

Container Chassis Semitrailers: Designed specifically for transporting containers, container chassis semi-trailers offer a safe and efficient way to transport various container sizes.


At Hesselink Trucks, we have built a reputation of more than 35 years in the transportation and agricultural equipment industry. We understand what it means to provide reliable vehicles and machinery. Our experienced team carefully selects the used trailers in our range, ensuring they are ready for use on the road.

Whether you're looking for a specific make, type of semi-trailer or installation option, our expert team is here to help. You can always contact us for more information, a quote or specific questions. If you want to know more about a vehicle, please contact us via our more information form. If you don't see the trailer you want right away, let us know through our search form, and we'll start looking for you. 

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