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At Hesselink Trucks you will find more than 250 used trucks & trailers. Because of our large én diverse selection, we have a fast and good turnover rate. Discover the best deals on used trucks at Hesselink Trucks! We sell among others the brands Mercedes, Scania and MAN. Is your desired truck not in our stock? No problem! Let us know and we will start looking for you!


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At Hesselink Trucks you can easily find the right truck. Our range of used trucks includes trucks from various well-known brands such as DAF, Volvo, and Scania. Within our offer we have several used trucks with different body options, including crane trucks, tippers, closed-buckets, sliding tarps and refrigerated-freezer trucks. If you are looking for a DAF or a Volvo, at Hesselink Trucks you have come to the right place to buy a used truck.

Offering used trucks

Trucks are powerful vehicles often used in the transportation and construction industry. They are vital in the transportation industry, and so it is important that you transport your goods or jobs with the right truck.

At Hesselink Trucks we have a wide range of used trucks, including different makes and body styles. Our selection includes popular brands such as DAF, Volvo, Scania, Mercedes-Benz, MAN and more.

famous truck brands

Our selection of used trucks includes trucks from several well-known brands in the transportation industry. Our range includes trucks from brands such as DAF, Scania, Volvo. Each brand has its own body variants and series. Browse our offer and find your Volvo truck, DAF truck or Scania truck.

Our offer includes many DAF trucks, including different series. DAF trucks are suitable for various body styles, from transport to construction and refrigerated transport. For those looking for versatility, the DAF series offers the perfect solution.

Various truck body options

With us you will find used trucks with different body options, such as crane trucks, tippers, closed-buckets, sliding tarps and refrigerator-freezers. Our used trucks are carefully selected and prepared for the road in our own workshop. 

Crane truck:Some trucks have a crane. This allows you to lift heavy things, even in places where there is no other crane.

Tipper:Other trucks have a bucket that can tilt. This allows you to quickly unload sand or stones, for example.

Closed truck: These trucks have a closed body. Here you can transport things that should not get wet.

Truck with sliding tarpaulin: Some trucks have a tarpaulin over the cargo box. You can slide that tarp to the side. Useful if you need to load and unload stuff quickly.

Refrigerator and freezer truck: If you need to transport food or other things that need to stay cold, you can use a truck with a refrigerator.

Buying a used truck at Hesselink Trucks

Are you interested in buying a used truck? At Hesselink Trucks, we are ready to help you find your ideal truck. Whether you are looking for specific models, body options or accessories, our expert team is always at your service.

Want more information about a vehicle, request a quote? Then get in touch with us! Simply fill out the online form on our website.