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New and used walking floor trailers for sale

At Hesselink Trucks, we have a wide range of walking floor trailers for sale. We sell both new walking floor trailers and used moving-floor trailers. With more than 35 years of experience in the sale of trucks and trailers, we are specialists in walking floor trailers. Here you will find walking floor trailers from well-known brands such as Knapen Trailers, STAS, and Kraker Trailers.


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Our range of used moving-floor trailers

At Hesselink Trucks, we always have a wide range of trailers for sale. Because of our experience in the walking floor industry, we strive to have a wide and current range of walking floor trailers in stock. We sell both used and new walking floor trailers. Within our stock, we offer semi-trailers from well-known brands.


A walking floor trailer is a semi-trailer with a moving floor. A moving floor, also called a walking floor, is a moving floor in the trailer. This walking floor system is ideal for transporting bulk goods. The automated floor system allows the moving floor sections to easily push the load forward or backward. This movement is done through hydraulic movements. This allows the cargo to be unloaded quickly and efficiently, without the need for a tipping system or tailgate.

Transportation to foreign countries

Hesselink Trucks sells and delivers in more than 40 countries. In addition to selling vehicles, we can offer you other services such as export registration, customs clearance, and transport to harbors. If you are interested in these additional services, please contact us.

Buying a walking floor trailer from Hesselink Trucks

Do you want to buy a walking floor semi-trailer? Then take a look at our offer. If you are interested in one of our walking-floor trailers, request more information via our information form. Our team will contact you as soon as possible to answer your questions.

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